10 Things You Should Know About Anal Sex

Anal sex is one type of sexual activities that many people want to try at least one time. Through a survey showed in 2015, more than 1 in 3 female in the ages from 19 to 44 has tried anal sex. But advice about how to enjoy it or how to do it are often lacking. This may lead to sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) or other health problems. So, it’s worth taking time to discuss anal sex. What to avoid, what to know and how to do it are needed to have amazing experiences. Here’re things you should know about anal sex.

1. Wear a condom

Even when you’re in a monogamous relationship, you should still use a condom. Why? Because anal sex can spread many diseases and infections. The anus is considered one of the unclean organs in the body, so performing anal sex gives many risks. HPV, genital herpes, chlamydia or gonorrhea may be transmitted during sex. While there is no HPV test for men, they don’t know if they get HPV or not. Besides, the disease also raises the danger of cancers like penile cancer or anal cancer. So, it’s important to use a condom during anal sex to protect yourself and your partner.

Use a condom during anal sex to protect yourself and your partner

Use a condom during anal sex to protect yourself and your partner

2. Don’t pressure your partner to perform anal sex

Pressured sex is bad in a couple relationship. Your partner may feel uncomfortable and avoid it. Anal sex especially often brings bad risks as the anus doesn’t create its lubrication like vagina. Penetration also becomes difficult. In some cases, you may experience pain and hurt when having anal sex. So, let your partner feel free when performing this sexual act, don’t pressure him/her to do it.

3. Use plenty of lubricant

As the anus can’t produce its own lubrication, you need to use lots of lube to avoid hurt when having anal sex. Silicon-based or water-based lubricant is safe to use with condoms. They’re also connected with high rating of satisfaction compared to using no lubes.

You should use lots of lube to avoid hurt when having anal sex

You should use lots of lube to avoid hurt when having anal sex

4. Go slowly

The tissues near your butt is too sensitive and most people aren’t professional in anal sex. So, you should go slowly that don’t tear the skin and end up with abrasion. Others only find satisfaction when they’re gentle penetration and go slowly. Once sex is well lubricated, you’re both comfortable and have experience with anal sex, it can be amazing time. Things you should remember are having enough lubrication and gentle penetration.

5. Don’t stretch you out

Many people worry about anal sex may lead to stretch in anus. In fact, the anus may stretch to allow a sex toy or penis enters. It can be understood that the anus may stretch to let a bowel movement to exist. Then, it will return as normal. So, you shouldn’t be too worried about this.

6. Can cause an orgasm

For some woman, anal sex may feel sensual. From G-spot stimulation through the butt, you may have anal orgasms. Also, since the anus has plenty nerve supply, it will make things feel very strong. As a result, you may have an orgasm when having anal sex.

For some woman, anal sex may cause an orgasm

For some woman, anal sex may cause an orgasm

7. Require more trust than other sexual acts

Any sex activities require trust, but anal sex is doubly. You need to trust that your partner is going to be communicative and responsive. Besides, your partner needs to trust you that makes your sex life enjoyable.

8. Try a sex toy

Sex toys can be a great way to make anal play easier. They give you more ways to enjoy this sexual act and get more experience. But, make sure that you find a sex toy that suits for anal sex. As the anal canal isn’t closed like vagina, a toy may get stuck in the body. You may not want to explain with your doctor about this case. More and more sex shops around your places are offering talks about toys, positions and how to do. It’s also recommended to use a toy which’s made from easy-clean materials such as silicone.  

Sex toys is a great way to make anal play easier

Sex toys is a great way to make anal play easier

9. Skip some foods before having anal sex

You need to know that sex can be messy and things like leakage sometimes happen. This disturbs your sex and makes you ashamed. So, you should eat healthy diet and understand how your body reacts to some kinds of foods. Some people may eat beans or processed foods without problems. But they may cause problems for you. Try to listen your body. If you have a healthy bowel movements, healthy diet and feel free with your partner, it’s no need to worry.

10. Take a shower or clean your junk before having anal sex

Before performing anal sex, you should take a shower to keep the anus clean. If you don’t have time to take a shower, you may use baby wipes with alcohol-free to wipe. When you’re going to use your fingers, should clip your nails and make them clean. As the tissue around the rectum is easily injured, long nails may hurt it.

Sex is believed to be fun and enjoyable. Anal sex is also amazing time that most people feel exciting. But before having anal sex, you should understand about it. How to do it and how to avoid hurt during sex are things you should know. It’s good to feel comfortable and ready to perform anal sex.


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