8 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Butter

8 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Butter

Many people become major admirers of coconut due to its healing properties. So it should not come as surprise that many people use it from time to time. Coconut is considered as the tree of life because it is widely used in many different ways. For example: coconut sugar, coconut water, coconut milk and even coconut flour. In fact, coconut offers a lot of awesome medical advantages. It is also viewed as an important wellspring of both drugs and sustenance.

Coconut butter is a form of coconut which comes from the coconut meat. Like coconut oil, coconut butter provides the same health-benefitting qualities. For example: boosting immunity, aiding in weight loss and more.

Here are 8 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Butter

  1. Help weight loss

It may seem to be impossible that eating fat will help you lose weight. But, it’s conceivable if it’s a healthy fat. In fact, having a little coconut butter on a regular basis will give you enough healthy fats.

Strangely, many farmers fed their cattle coconut butter to increase their profitability. However, the cattle did not gain weight as they’d expected. In fact, the cattle lost weight. It’s because the coconut butter is a medium-chain fatty acid. Unlike long-chain fatty acids, this sort of fat gets burned for energy. Moreover, it can increase calorie burn and energy levels.

  1. Boost immunity

Coconut butter contains lauric acids. It is one of the two best choices for boosting immunity. And, breast milk (or mother’s milk) is the most effective way for a newborn to gain a strong immune system. Studies have found that 50% of mother’s milk is saturated fat, accounts for 20% of lauric acids. Moreover, you can get it from coconut butter.


  1. Ward off viruses

This super food contains numerous antibacterial attributes. In fact, for a long time, lauric acids have been known for treating viral infections like genital warts, genital herpes and mouth blisters. Also, it can even help combat ringworm, yeast diseases, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

You can take a little on a regular basis. For better treatment, you should wash and dry your infected areas. Then, apply the oil directly on the skin. Do this 3 times daily, and you get desired results quite soon. Moreover, to get rid of fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot or yeast infection, you are recommended applying Fugacil. If you experience painful blisters of herpes, you are suggested using Prosurx. To get rid of genital warts fast and effectively, you can also use Vidarox.

  1. Prevent most of the diseases

When it comes to reduce the risk of diseases, coconut butter is no different than coconut oil. Research has found that coconut butter can prevent and treat many diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and even cancer. In fact, this fat offers more help and less aggravation for the body. Also, it helps reduce inflammation.

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  1. Provide a boost for athletic performance

Due to a medium-chain fatty acid, coconut butter can give athletes a performance boost. The reason is the medium-chain triglycerides in it can generate a fat-burning source for energy. In fact, there are 5 ways that athletes benefit from coconut butter. These are:

  • It is dense in calories
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve endurance
  • Lower levels of body fats
  • Boost overall immunity
  1. Contain beneficial fiber

Fiber is important to control blood sugar levels. But, most Americans do not get enough fiber from their diets. Coconut butter is a rich source of fiber which can also help lower cholesterol and offers consistency in bowel movements. So, you can take coconut butter to get more fiber. The following are daily fiber recommendations for adults:

  • Men under 50: 38 grams
  • Men over 50: 30 grams
  • Women under 50: 25 grams
  • Women over 50: 21 grams


  1. Give hair a shine

When it comes to keep healthy hair, coconut butter is no different than coconut oil. In reality, coconut butter is a great hair mask to maintain hair development and prevent dandruff. Plus, it works as a conditioner that can control hair growth. However, coconut oil is easier to be absorbed by the skin and hair. So, you can massage it into your hair and leave it on for twenty minutes. Then, shower your hair as normally. As a result, coconut oil will help maintain a healthy head of hair, soften and add shine for your hair.

  1. Provide iron

Unlike coconut oil, the coconut meat provides 5 percent of the suggested daily value of iron. Iron contributes to the development of healthy red blood cells. If you suffer iron- deficiency, your body can’t get enough oxygen. Also, it can cause anemia and exhaustion, mostly in women. Moreover, iron- deficiency can affect hair, nails, skin and brain function, too.

Iron is an important nutrient, but how much is enough? Experts recommend that:

  • Men should consume about 8 milligrams a day
  • Women (under 50) should have 18 milligrams per day. And, 8 milligrams/day if you’re over 50.


If you are looking for a new additional to your diet, you should take coconut butter. It can provide you with multiple health benefits. While coconut butter is a healthy fat, however, it’s still a fat. So, you should enjoy it in moderation. Coconut butter is not a cure ingredient and cannot be replaced for medicine. Therefore, if you want to treat the diseases effectively, you need a medical product.

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