Can HPV Be Prevented?

HPV is one of the common sexual transmitted diseases. It becomes the noticeable illness in life because of its danger. HPV is not only life-threatening but also cause discomfort for people get it. There are more than 100 types of HPV. Most of them are harmless and don’t cause any symptoms, but about 40 types can lead to a lot of serious health problems. One of dangerous health concerns is cervical cancer. Every year, it’s more than 12,000 new cases are diagnosed in the US. Two kinds of HPV can lead to cancer are HPV 16 and HPV 18. Although there is no treatment for this disease, it can be disappeared or prevented by a lot of different ways.

Who can get HPV?

HPV is spread by skin to skin contact or sexual life. That’s why everyone can get it and the chances for people having HPV are always higher than they think. You can have HPV when having sex with other person who get HPV already. This disease is transmitted by oral, virginal or anal sex. It also can be spread through skin to skin contact during sex. And even when having no symptoms or signs, HPV will still enter your body easily.

Everyone at every age also get it. When they having sex without condom, it a good chance for HPV pass in your body. A high rate to get HPV is teenagers and prostitute. Why they have a high risk to get this disease. For teenagers, they want to discover new things, and sex becomes one thing they want to know more. They are curious and interested in their partner and sex. So they are easy to get HPV from the other who have this virus already. Besides, some of them don’t have more knowledge about sex education. They don’t know how they can protect themselves from sexual transmitted disease. In some cases they know the ways to protect themselves, but they don’t prepare all things like condom. It’s an evident truth that they will get HPV easily. For prostitute, sex becomes one of their jobs. They cannot ignore their partners. If one of the partners have HPV, she also can have it. That’s why prostitute will have a high risk to be infected this disease.


Why HPV is dangerous

Some people with HPV can pass this disease without treatment and don’t have any symptoms or big health problem. But when this virus exists in the body long lasting, it can cause more dangerous illness for people. Some serious diseases can be penile cancer, cervical cancer and other health problems.

There is a strong connection between HPV and cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the most serious illness. Especially, it can lead to death. About 11,000 cases of cervical cancer appear in the US each year. And more than 4,000 women die because of cervical cancer. But in fact, this figures have been higher than this one. Besides, HPV is a reason cause anal cancer. There is about 95% anal cancer is caused by HPV type 16. This virus also cause dangerous illness for people as well.

With this disease, there is no treatment for it. Medical treatment just can reduce the symptoms, it doesn’t defeat HPV completely. When you get this virus, it will stay in your body a long time and cause many outbreaks. So even when HPV is cured, it can come back.

How can prevent HPV?

Despite having no treatment for HPV, people still can prevent it by many ways. Here is the ways can help you control or prevent HPV:

  • Getting vaccine. Although some HPV infections can go away in several years, sometimes it will last longer and cause more dangerous health concerns. That’s why you should get vaccine to prevent this virus. People at the age from 9-26 should get this vaccine. It’s because the vaccine will create the strongest immune systems to fight against this virus in this stage. There are 3 types of HPV vaccine: Gardasil 9, Gardasil and Cervarix. They are licensed by FDA and used by thousands people every year. Even though it cannot help you prevent all types of HPV virus, it can protect you from getting this disease effectively.


  • Using condom. Condom will help lower chance to get HPV. Because HPV can be spread through skin to skin contact during sex, it’s important for you to use condom from start to finish of sex act. Although condom cannot fully protect from HPV, it will still help you prevent it.
  • Limiting your partners. You can get HPV from other sexual partners because one of them maybe have this virus already. If you have sex with many partners in short time, you will have a high risk to get it. So remember that limiting your sexual partners will help you lower chance to get this disease.
  • Having a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle means you have healthy diet and good lifestyle in your life. Eating more foods that are rich nutrition such as vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. These foods will help you have more energy and make your immune system stronger that can defeat this virus. Besides, you should avoid fast food or food contains alcohol, cholesterol and caffeine. They will increase your symptoms in a bad side. Moreover, doing exercise is one of the best ways to prevent HPV. It can support you have more health and energy to fight against this virus.
  • Getting tested regularly. The way you can find out your disease is to get tested. Some people don’t have any signs or symptoms, even when they get HPV already. If this virus doesn’t go away, it will exist in the body and cause a lot of serious health problems. That’s why, it’s important for you to go the hospital and get tested regularly. After that, you can have right treatment to reduce the signs as soon as possible. And it also can decrease the seriousness of HPV.

People with HPV usually live in scare and discomfort. They don’t know how to treat it, so they are easy to feel tired and can be depression. Even though this disease cannot be treated completely, you can still prevent it by your healthy lifestyle.





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