Common Reasons Vaginal Itch Occurs

Common Reasons Vaginal Itch Occurs

Every woman will experience vaginal itching at least once in their lives. It can be bothersome and make you uncomfortable. There’re lots of reasons leading itching in the vagina. But most people suppose that vaginal itching occurs due to yeast infections or poor personal hygiene. In fact, many other potential causes of vaginal itching you may not know. If you leave it with untreated or cure it improperly, you can do more harm than good. So, it’s important to understand why your vagina is itching and what you can do to stop it.

Common reasons why your vagina is itching

Vagina is one of the vital organs of the body that is easily attacked by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Luckily, it’s designed with self-clean mechanism which keeps itself healthy and clean. A healthy vagina balances bad and good bacteria. It produces white or clear mucus and doesn’t have bad smell. Otherwise, unhealthy vagina can’t keep good and bad bacteria in a balance. This leads to infection, diseases and other vaginal problems that make vaginal itching. Here’re some common reasons you should read:

1. Genital warts

Vaginal itching can be caused by genital warts. It’s the highly contagious STD that is spread through sexual activities. Once contracting the disease, you may notice warts on the following area:

–    Inside the anus or vagina

–     Near the vulva or around the anus

–     Between the vagina and anus

–     On the cervix

–      At the opening of urethra

Genital warts also appear on the mouth, lips and tongue if you have oral sex with an infected person. Besides itching, you also suffer from burning, painful, bleeding and vaginal discharge. Warts commonly cause pain during intercourse and urination. Over time, it leads to many complications threaten your health. So, if you want to get rid of vaginal itching caused by warts, you need to treat it. VidaroX is the best antiviral cream that kills HPV– the virus causes genital warts fast. The cream also prevents further recurrences. Or you can take prescribed medicines. Using home remedies is also useful such as green tea, garlic and tea tree oil.  

VidaroX treats genital warts causing vaginal itch

VidaroX treats genital warts causing vaginal itch

2. Vaginal yeast infection

The infection caused by the fungus Candida and makes vaginal itching, of course. It also induces other symptoms like:

–     Swelling around vagina

–     Soreness and redness

–     Burning during urination or intercourse

–     Rash

–     Gray or cottage-cheese vaginal discharge

Women are easy to get the infection due to hormonal changes, unclean vagina or lowed immune system. The best way you can do is to stop the infection. Medication, home remedies, antifungal creams and diet are useful for you. If you don’t like to take oral drugs, you can try Fugacil. It’s one of the best antifungal creams to kill fungi and prevent outbreaks. Or you can use some natural remedies, such as coconut oil, garlic and tea tree oil. It’s important to eat more probiotic foods like yogurt and miso to boost your health.

Fugacil kills the fungus causing vaginal yeast infection

Fugacil kills the fungus causing vaginal yeast infection

3. Bacterial vaginosis

This is a vaginal infection caused by growth out of control of bad bacteria or douching. Douching may affect good and bad bacteria balance in the vagina and lead to vaginal itching. Aside from itchiness, you also experience:

–     Burning when urinate

–     Fishy vaginal odor

–     Thin grey, white or green vaginal discharge

To make sure that whether you get the condition or not, you should to meet a doctor and get tests. If leaf untreated, the condition is linked to premature delivery and pelvic inflammation. So, oral medicines, creams or vaginal antibiotic gels are essential for your condition.

Clindamycin helps to get rid of Bacteria Vaginosis

Clindamycin helps to get rid of Bacteria Vaginosis

4. Hormonal changes

Due to your age, estrogen levels will decline. Low estrogen causes many changes in your body, especially the vagina. It may cause the lining of vagina thin and grow itching or irritation. Besides, hormonal changes can be the reasons of many vaginal infections. Women during pregnancy or in menopause often cope with this problem. To treat it, you should boost your immune function by healthy diets like vegetables, fruits and probiotics foods.

5. Pubic lice

Some small, crab like creatures often attach to pubic hair will cause itching in pubic areas and the vagina. They also attach to other places of the body and lead to itching, too. To cure it, you may use an OTC lice –killing lotion and practice good personal hygiene. In some severe cases, topical prescribed medication can be given.

Lice attach to pubic hair and cause vaginal itching

Lice attach to pubic hair and cause vaginal itchinga

6. Allergies

Vaginal itching may be caused by an allergy to certain products like soaps, perfume, condoms or lubricants. When having an allergies, you will experience skin thickening, redness and swelling. These signs are also the result of shaving. To avoid the condition, you should make sure to avoid chemicals, strong soaps and irritating lubricants. Also, you need to avoid shaving if your skin is sensitive. And don’t wear tight clothes.

Vaginal itching is a signal of many diseases and infections. It can be a symptoms of an STD or yeast infection. Itching in the vagina is also a result of unhealthy habits and harmful diet. To make sure what causes your vaginal itching, you need to meet doctor and get tests. Besides, you can keep the vagina healthy by these tips:

–     Not douching

–     Not using perfume, scent personal products in the vagina

–     Washing vagina with mild soap or even just water

–     Practicing safe sex with condoms

–     Wiping from the vagina to anus after using bathroom

–     Getting tests regularly


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