Sex & HPV

Sex & HPV

The first thing I have to point out and clarify is that: No! Your sex life is definitely not ruined just because you are diagnosed with HPV. That is like one of the biggest misconceptions that most people who carry HPV have.

Human papillomavirus, or as known as HPV, is the most common STD out there unlike most people think. Statistically, there’s approximately 75% men and women of reproductive age have been infected with HPV virus at some point in their life. In some cases, it doesn’t show any symptoms at all or it won’t surface for years. Fortunately, most HPV viruses go away on their own depends on your immune system so leading a healthy life style (enough sleep, correct nutritional diet, quit smoking…etc.) is greatly advised. Even though genital wart outbreaks may lower your confidence in sexuality, keep in mind that there are many people can still have a healthy sex life even with HPV.

The first thing you need to do to able to achieve a satisfying sex life is stop beating yourself up because of HPV. As it was pointed out before, HPV is so common that you are definitely not alone! You have to let go of any unnecessary guilt, fear, or shame that is holding you back from the happiness you deserve. Those are mostly misconceptions anyway so you need to let them go. Furthermore, although it is hard, you need to make sure to be open with your partner about your condition. Keep in mind that it is not a confession since you have not done anything wrong. It is better to be upfront to avoid spreading out the viruses and potential complicated situations if your partner finds out on their own. Moreover, both sides knowing all the facts will lead to better decision making in terms of what you and your partner should do.

Once you and your partner decide to be sexually active, make sure to practice the safest sex possible to prevent getting your partner infected. Wait till there is not visible outbreak, or after your outbreak subsides for at least a week. Always use condoms because they can significantly decrease the chance of getting infected, but remember that they are not fool proof since they don’t cover the entire genital area. Those advices work the same for oral sex as well since HPV virus can also be spread through mouth-to-genital contact. Also, there are many options out there such as those over-the-counter topical cream that can quickly treat your outbreak such as VidaroX, H-Warts, Terrasil…etc.

You need to know that you deserve to have a happiness, a healthy sex life, or relationship just like everybody. Remember to take good care of your health and don’t fight the struggle by yourself. Look out for support from all sources and be fully informed.

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