Should I Trust VidaroX?

Should I Trust VidaroX?


Nowadays, there are so many scams out there in almost every field and especially when it comes down to online shopping. The internet is chaotic more than it has ever been and you have to be so careful when buying all these “products” online. In a more specific market like HPV treatment, the amount of scams is even higher. It is unfortunate because what if people like me, who is seeking help to fight these genital warts, want to buy an over-the-counter product but there are so many illegitimate products. I was frustrated and decided to research on my own (because my doctor’s suggestion did not work) many products. After trials and errors, I stumbled upon this new product called VidaroX. Even though their website offered a lot of information and it looked really legitimate, as a skeptical person, I had to wait for the results to tell if it’s a scam or not.

At first, it was very sketchy (again, I’m a skeptical person) because I did not believe in the whole nanomedicine or using nanotechnology in HPV treatment. Apparently, VidaroX is the first one in the market utilizing nanoparticles in their treatment. As I researched a bit further, it is actually a new generation of HPV & HSV treatment for utilizing the antiviral trait of nanoparticles as well as their penetrative trait to go deep under your skin and eradicate the virus. The manufacturers also use traditional natural ingredients as well, and they said that combining those with nanoparticles will fully kill HPV viruses as well as increase your immune system. I’m not too keen on testing out new ways of doing things, but since they look legitimate so I decided to try them out anyway.

I have tried many other products before and some of them straight up painful right when I apply it on my outbreak’s area. The results from those also didn’t really satisfy me at all. The severity of my outbreaks didn’t really reduce, and neither does my healing time. However, at least those were cheap so I didn’t really care much. With VidaroX, a small container costs $54! There are a total of approximately of 50 single applications, so if you do simple math, it’s a bit more than $1 every application. To spend that much on an online product seriously made me worried that I got scammed.

The small package arrived after 3 days of nervously waiting. At least I was impressed at how fast their delivery was, and it made me felt less anxious for a little bit. The package looked really neat with instructions and everything alongside with, of course, a small container. Some previous products burned like crazy when I used it because they used salicylic acid in their ingredients. I did not want to experience that burn on my genital again therefore I was very concerned. After reading the instruction carefully, I used a cotton swab to apply the cream on my outbreak. Surprisingly, it did not hurt at all! There was a slight tingling sensation that actually felt good. The first thing I could tell immediately was that it made my warts felt a lot much better. I could comfortably go on doing other things without being bothered much by the irritation from my outbreaks. So far, I was very happy with VidaroX.

With that being said, the most important part was does it really help with subsiding the warts? Making my outbreaks felt better was a success but it would mean nothing if it didn’t help healing them at all. After that day went by, I checked before I went to bed and I was taken by surprise at how visible the severity of my outbreak decreased! I then kept following their instruction of applying 3 times a day for the next 2 days. On the morning of day 3, I woke up, and I kid you not, the warts were gone! It worked even better than what my doctor recommended.  I felt a surge of happiness because all of my time and effort in looking for a solution has been rewarded. In fact, I jumped on my bed and screamed.

The results made me feel so at ease because now I know I have a solution for future outbreaks. They said it also would help with reduce the reoccurrence of genital warts as well but I will need to get back on that. I know that there are a lot of flop products out there, but you need to keep on looking for one that fits you. For me, I was lucky enough to take the risk and try VidaroX for $54. It’s a bit expensive but at least I know it was not a scam.


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