What’s the Difference Between Herpes and HPV?

Herpes and HPV are sexual transmitted diseases. Both men and women have a chance to get them, they also pass on other people when having unprotected sex. Although some people don’t have any symptoms and the diseases can be gone away, the others will exist in the body a long time and cause serious health problems. According to center for disease Control and Prevention, it’s about 90% people with HPV can be healed without treatment within 2 years. But patients with herpes will have this virus in their body forever. Because the symptoms of herpes and HPV are similar, people have some mistakes to identify them.

What are herpes and HPV?

Herpes and HPV have variety types. With herpes, it usually caused by virus HSV1 and HSV2. While HSV1 causes oral herpes, HSV2 leads to genital herpes. Both of them are not only confused but also make discomfort for people life. It can be spared by skin to skin contact during unprotected sex or touching the patient’s hurt. It’s estimated that one in every six people at the age from 14-49 will get herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV 2). And chances for people having virus HSV 1 are often higher than getting virus HSV2.

Like herpes, HPV is also transmitted by having unprotected sex. But this disease is caused by human papillomavirus. There are variety different kinds of HPV, it is about more than 100 types. Most of them are harmless, do not have any special symptoms and can be gone away. But about 40 kinds can infect in genital areas, mouth or throat. And there are about 15 kinds get high risk to cause cancer in cervix, anus, or other sex organs. Especially, virus HPV 6, virus HPV11, HPV16 and HPV18 are so dangerous. While virus HPV 6 and 11 can cause genital warts, virus HPV 16 and 18 can lead to cancer. Every year, there are about 6 million new people get this virus.



What are symptoms between herpes and HPV?

Each disease will have different symptoms. Herpes and HPV are, too. Although one of them don’t have special symptoms, the others has some signs that people are easy to know.  When getting herpes, blisters can be appeared around mouth, lips and genital area. Besides, you can feel some changes in your body such as:

–          Itching, burning in genital areas from several days to ten days after contacting with this virus.

–          Other blisters in mouth, lips and facial area.

–          Painful during urination or sore on lips

–          Painful legs

In some cases, you can have headache, fever, sore throat and muscle aches. Some people can have initial signs after having this virus in 4-7 days of infection. But other people can take a long time and even don’t have any signs. Once getting this virus, it will exist in the body forever. Although they can come back, your body will create immunity against it over time.

To know you get this virus or not, you need to have a test. A physical test, blood test or tissue sample test can help you diagnose your health condition related to this disease.

With HPV, most people with HPV don’t have any special symptoms and it can be disappeared by itself in months or years. Other people will have warts. They can be flat warts, plantar warts, common warts or genital warts. In cases this virus doesn’t go away and exists in the body a long time, it will cause a lot of health problems for people. Some of them can be penile cancer, cervical and anal caner. Besides, during the infection, HPV can damage patient’s cells. So you can know you get this disease when appearing warts and a Pap test can help you diagnose your disease (if you are women).



How can prevent herpes and HPV?

Although there is no cure for two illnesses, people can use prescription drugs for HPV and antiviral medication for herpes to ease the symptoms. Or you can prevent them by changing your life style and habit. Because herpes and HPV are sexual transmitted diseases, you can prevent them from using condom. You know, unprotected sex can give you high chances to get many diseases, so it’s important for you to use condom. It will protect you and your partner from herpes or HPV. But when using condom, you should check it’s new or not.

Limiting your number of sexual partners will minimize your sexual transmitted diseases. Some people have sex with many people in a short time, this will raise many their chances to get more disease. So the fewer sexual partners you have, the less disease you get.

You also need to discuss with your partner about sexual history. If having one person gets sexual transmitted disease, the others can find out ways to protect each other.

Besides, you need to get vaccine to avoid HPV. HPV vaccines are available for the four high-danger HPV viruses. Female at the age from 9-26 should get two doses of the vaccine. Male should receive it above 11 years old. Although vaccine cannot protect you from HPV completely, it will be an effective way to prevent from entering of the virus.

Women at the age of 21 and 65 should get a Pap test regularly to know they get HPV or not. If they have this disease, they can receive treatment immediately and avoid complications of HPV.

Although herpes and HPV are different diseases, they have some similar things in preventing and controlling the symptoms. So people should prevent the diseases before they becomes worse. You can apply VidaroX to treat HPV and use ProsurX for herpes.








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