Your Partner has STDs. Now What?

Your Partner has STDs. Now What?


  1. Get the facts right.

It is wise to be fully informed about the deceases with every details before sitting down and discussing the matters. By doing so, there will less chance of a miscommunication that could ruin your relationship. You would also be more understanding of your partner’ situation and can make a better decision for both.


  1. Don’t jump to conclusions.

It is often taken in society that people who carry STDs are sluts and that they live an improper life. That is absolutely not true because STDS can happen to anyone. Also, don’t think having STDs meaning your partner commit infidelity. STDs sometimes can take years for symptoms to show up so he or she could have been infected long before knowing you.

  1. Get tested.

The first thing and also the most important thing that you need to do is get yourself tested as well. Different scenarios can go from here depends on if you are positive as well or it’s just your partner. You need to have a serious talk and hopefully find out the truth of how your partner was infected. There are so many things that can happen from there so follow your heart.

  1. Find treatment.

Get your partner to find treatment and yourself (if you are infected). He or she should go to their regular physician because they know more about your partner’s health history. You can also seek help with specific clinic for STDs.

  1. Be prepared for changes.

Changes will be a large part of you and your partner’s life once you know about their conditions. Whether or not you accept them and whether or not you are infected by them also plays a big role in the changes. If you accept them for who they are, be prepared for when you two’s friends, families get to know the truth. Your relationship might take a different path. It could potentially get stronger if you can go through the hardship or it might not work out. Be prepared and stay ready.

  1. Discuss safe sex with your partner.

Having STDs doesn’t meant that you can’t have sex. That needs to get out of your head. You can still have a normal sex life even when your partner is carrying STDs. Of course, you need to sit down and discuss safe sex procedures. You need to research (may ask your doctors) about sex life with STDs. If you follow them closely, the chance of you getting affected from your partner is relatively low.

Sexually transmitted deceases might drastically change the course of the relationship. It might need some future precautions and big decisions regarding the outcome of your future. However, with safety procedures, and honest communications, you and your partner can still maintain a healthy relationship with a healthy sex life.



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